Introductions are in Order…


Welcome to College Cucumber, where the tastiest economical recipes are provided along with news and tips for a healthier, cheaper and ethical lifestyle.

My name is Riley and I write this little blog. I love just about everything and anything to do with food: cooking it, reading about it, thinking about it and photographing it, but most of all I love eating it. Though I am technically a pescatarian, someone who eats fish and dairy but no meat, I cook and eat mostly vegetarian food. This blog focuses on mainly vegetarian news, information and recipes. I have been a pescatarian for eight years but because most people do not know what that means, I find it much easier to label myself as a vegetarian (especially because I rarely eat fish or dairy).

Now, a junior at Salve Regina University, living off campus and paying for my own food, I realized just how expensive my love for veggies and whole foods really is.  Being the only vegetarian in my family, it has always been a struggle for both my family and I to come up with versatile meals. Luckily, whether a veg-head or meat-eater, I love cooking and finding new recipes that are easy to please everyone.

When my budget allows it, I try to buy seasonally, because it’s better for the environment and the produce is yummier and healthier, the same goes for organic food. This blog is dedicated to learning how to be economical with money and food.

I believe it is important to add that exercising is also a big part of both my diet and lifestyle so I choose to work out six days a week. Being healthy is not just about what is on your plate and this is my journey of being healthy and a living vegetarian lifestyle without eating through my money.


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