Why the Cost of Being a Vegetarian is Worth it

              Heart disease is said to be the leading killer of women. Red meats and processed animal products are typically high sat fat that cause a raise in bad cholesterol levels. The result of bad cholesterol levels is a higher risk of being diagnosed with coronary heart disease. The same meats have also recently been linked with an increased risk of breast cancer. The Veggie community is buzzing about new research concerning their health benefits. An article posted by Fox News was just one of many reports on a recent study done by the University of Oxford where researchers discovered people who eat vegetarian diet are significantly less likely to suffer from serious heart disease than our meat-eating friends.

 Most of the recent research accounted for the fact that the vegetarian diet has lover cholesterol and lower blood pressure. BBC News posted an article on the topic as well, adding in spite of the 32% cut in heart risk to remember, “…choosing the veggie option on the menu is not a shortcut to a healthy heart. After all, there are still plenty of foods suitable for vegetarians that are high in saturated fat and salt.” I could eat donuts for breakfast, chips for a snack and Ramen Noodles for dinner. Certainly not choices that would lower anyone’s risk of heart disease. However, technically that could be considered eating a vegetarian diet. A package of 36 Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup is $19.52 ($0.54 a package). Cheap, yes, but also a heart attack in a package.

Processed foods are your archenemies; they are least healthy option and surprisingly not as budget friendly as you would think-not every processed food is as inexpensive as Ramen. The same is true for vegetarian processed foods, like the commonly bought pre-packaged veggie burgers for example is not the best route to take. Going out and buying ingredients to make your own burger recipe is not only better for you but also your wallet as well. There are so many different options and recipes to choose from online and if you are the only vegetarian, like me, then making your own “burgers” and freezing the ones you don’t eat. This way you have your own, preservative free, veggie burger! To help you out below I have included a couple great veggie burger recipes from some of my favorite blogs as a tasty and affordable option.

The study briefly touched on how a individual’s general heath is a key factor as well. Researchers took into account the person’s age, a smoker or non-smoker, how much alcohol they consumed and their level of physical activity. Being a college student, I myself am all for having a good time, we are in our twenties and this is the time to let loose. However, it is important to keep in mind everything is better in moderation. Remember, what you do now will affect your overall health latter.

Be active. Eat green. Stay healthy.

Yummy Veggie-Burger Recipes:


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