The Muffin Man

I have been going to this one Organic market in Newport sense I was a freshmen, and although they are small, the store always has my organic “staples”. The employs there are always cheerful and friendly, and several days ago I had the privilege of meeting the man behind the magic, all the amazing, mouthwatering prepared foods offered at this market, more specifically the muffin man!

Meet Ryan from A-Market, he is the reason I will not be bikini ready come summer! His muffins are out of this world despite the fact that he never went to culinary school.  He did however work on an urban farm in collage and being a vegetarian himself he had some great tips to offer on how to eat healthy without breaking the bank. Perfect, I was all ears!

Q: Organic foods are expensive, how do you make sure you’re getting your money’s worth?

A: Don’t over buy, buying too much at a time especially when it comes to produce can be a waste. Even if you think you can eat it all. Produce goes bad quickly so buy a little at a time that way you aren’t throwing away money. Also buying a few things at once is a great way to ensure your produce is always fresh.

Q: What are some of your staple purchases?

A: Quinoa, lentils, and brown rice. Any kind grains are not only good for you but they are cheap and fill you up.

Q: Do you have any tips for saving money when it comes to buying food?

A: If you like it and it’s in season, you can grow it. I live off right in the middle of town and I have a few things growing right now that I eat regularly. Lettuce, arugula, spinach any kind of leafy green is a good and easy thing to try and grow yourself. All you need is a bucket, some dirt and whatever you want to grow. It is super cheap and I personally find it fun.


I really like Ryan’s last suggestion, especially given that at home in the summer I myself grow my own tomatoes, watermelon and some herbs. However, I never thought to do that at school- It will be my next adventure!


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