Would you like some cake with your butter?

For my roommates 21st birthday she asked me to make her a vanilla cake. After searching and searching I came across a recipee that I knew she would love: Vanilla cake with brown butter buttercream frosting!  The cake turned out wonderful and she loved it. The only downside to the culinary adventure was she is the only roommate that likes cake and baking from scratch can be expensive. Needless to say a girl can only eat so much cake.  Thus a lot of it sadly got thrown out.

photo 5 (1)

The moral of my story? Make sure when baking for a friend it is something everyone can enjoy, that way you do not feel like you wasted money on one piece of cake. Though birthday s is the one exception-she loved it and that was worth it!

Vanilla Cake. 
photo 1

*makes two 8
inch round layers

125g butter soft
200g sugar
3 eggs
tbsp vanilla bean paste
1/2 tsp salt
300g all purpose flour
2 tsp
baking powder
160ml buttermilk

350F oven. Butter and flour two 8 inch
cake pans.
Cream butter and sugar until pale and very fluffy.
Add in
vanilla bean paste and salt then eggs one at a time.
Whisk the flour and
baking powder together in a separate bowl.
Add half the flour mix to the
butter mix. Mix until combined.
Add half the buttermilk. Mix until
Then the remaining flour, the remaining buttermilk.
Do not over
Divide evenly among pan.
Bake until lightly golden on top and set
through, 25 minutes or so but really it depends on your oven, so always check
Remove from pans onto a rack and let cool completely.
poto 3
Brown Butter Buttercream.                                       
*might make a bit extra
frosting, but isn’t that always a good thing?

226g butter
1 tsp
vanilla bean paste
1 tsp molasses
pinch of salt
750g powdered sugar,
118ml milk
photo 4 (2)

Place butter in a pan over medium heat. Cook until
the butter becomes a rich amber color and little brown flecks appear at the
bottom of pan. Stir quite often as to not burn it. Pour into a bowl, scraping in
the little brown flecks, and let set in the refrigerator until it is the
consistency of softened butter.
Beat the butter, vanilla bean paste and
molasses until combined. Add in half the powdered sugar and half the milk. Beat
until combined. Add in remaining. Beat until very fluffy. You may need more milk
or sugar depending on how stiff you want it.